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Manpasand shadi ka taweez Falling in love with the friend is not a big thing because a friend is someone who’s mentality and your mentality gets the match and you have the perfect mutual understanding. So when you have that much of understanding with each other then in that if you fall in love with them then it’s not a bigger thing but the thing is that how can you Convince your friend for Relationship? Getting the answer to this Question is the really harder thing because a thing which always runs in peoples mind is that somewhere cause of this feeling, we wouldn’t lose our friend. And yes somewhere it is true also because you are firstly friend then you have this feeling. So the cause of that taking tension regards to this situation is the valid thing but don’t worry about anything if you are in the same situation then a thing which can make help you is spiritual astrology. Astrology is a perfect way to remove any kind of problems and issues. When you use spiritual astrological tactic for making your friend convince for love relationship then he/she will never ever gonna to refuse your feeling and make respect towards your feelings.


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